Viola Davis

Viola Davis

I was incredibly excited when I found out I would have the opportunity to work with Viola Davis for the cover of TheWrap. Not only is she one of the most remarkable actresses of our time, but she is an inspiration to anyone who has had to fight incredible odds to achieve their dream.

The cinemagraph created for social use, which went on to win PDN’s “The Look” award.

The first season of How to Get Away With Murder had just wrapped and Viola was up for an Emmy nomination for the show (which she would later receive and go on to win). Since the show revolves around murder, we wanted to use flowing red fabrics to allude to the themes of the show. In order to achieve the most flow we pinned additional fabric to the dress she was wearing and used a fan to get different shapes from the fabric. And for the horizontal image, in order to achieve maximum glamour, I took all of the different shapes the fabric made in the wind and layered them in post to achieve the grand look we felt Viola deserved.

When I have the opportunity I also try to create a motion element that my clients can use on their social channels. Viola was incredibly gracious in allowing us the additional time to create the cinemagraph of her dress blowing.

The cinemagraph went on to win a PDN’s “The Look” contest. And the entire shoot was featured on an episode of Entertainment Tonight.