Power Women of Television

Power Women of Television

Historically, women in television have been treated as passive characters: the wife, the girlfriend, the secretary, the caregiver. And this treatment used to extend to those behind the scenes as well as few women were given the opportunity to direct, or in this case, photograph in entertainment. But things have come a long way since the advent of TV, especially in the Times Up era. This issue of TheWrap was entirely about the powerful women of the 2018 Emmy race and, at the insistence of creative director Ada Guerin, was photographed entirely by female photographers.

Photo by Kendra Kabasele

Our concept for this cover was to portray a group of women who were supportive of one another. Rather than having them pose statically on furniture we wanted a more organic and approachable look so we chose to have them all stand closely together in a unified group.

For our second group shot we asked all of the women to wear feminist t-shirts. We allowed them to choose their own shirt from a variety that we provided. The resulting image, we hoped, was empowering not only for the ladies in the shoot, but for the fans and viewers of their shows.

Photos by Kendra Kabasele

Group shoots are some of my favorites for the unique challenges they present. Oftentimes we have to shoot over several days to accommodate schedules and little hiccups can throw off an otherwise on-track production. Luckily the actresses on this shoot were just as passionate about our concept as we were and made a priority of enjoying themselves and getting to know one another. Evan Rachel Wood and Rachel Brosnahan provided their fans with photographic evidence that they were in fact NOT the same person. Gina Rodriguez and Zazie Beetz gushed over their mutual love for one another. And all were, I believe, enthusiastic to have a female photographer and crew.