Neon by Paul Mitchell

Neon by Paul Mitchell

Neon is the little sister collection to Paul Mitchell’s standard line. The brand is young, quirky, and fun and values self-expression, self-esteem, inclusiveness, and diversity. And while aimed primarily at teens, my bright and colorful style caught the eye of the Neon team and I was selected to aid in the creation of much of their content.

Over the course of the last year we have created not only stills, but video, gifs, and stop-motion photo-animation. We have built sets in studios, rented out homes and propped them out, and even used my downtown loft where I had painted colorful murals on the walls.

One of the most engaging projects we have tackled has been the stop-motion animations of girls’ changing hairstyles and outfits. Together with Neon’s creative team we planned in advance which hairstyles and outfits make the most sense for each look and how we could fool the eye and make them blend easily into the next look. Hair was done in sections and photographed as if it was being done inch by inch in front of your eyes. Outfits were inched on from the side or from above or below and also photographed incrementally. Each stop-motion piece took several hours to photograph. And through the magic of Photoshop, everything was put together and animated in such a way that the changing hair and outfits appear to be happening in motion.

Another favorite moment of mine was the day we shot video at my downtown loft. John Paul Mitchell Systems and all of their sub-brands, including Neon, are against animal testing. So because he is so friendly, my cat Crouton got to make a cameo in a video alongside a model and represent for all the animals (and people) out there who are anti animal-testing. He did receive treats off camera for his participation, but he genuinely believes in the cause and is proud to have represented for his kind.

It’s been a blast creating the joyful imagery of girls on camping trips, having sleepovers, and getting ready for school. In the process I’ve gotten to intimately know a brand that focuses on positivity as well as style.