NYX Cosmetics

NYX Cosmetics

NYX Cosmetics tapped me to shoot for the launch of a new foundation line, Total Control, and a corresponding web application called The Foundation Finder. While much of their usual marketing involves social media influencers in layered and colorful makeup, this campaign was skin focused and used a mix of real people - NYX employees - and influencers in minimal makeup.

On the first two days of this shoot we shot 36 of NYX’s employees (and one fabulous photo assistant named Ava). Each model was chosen because they matched one of the new foundation colors. Models were shot in groups ranging from light to dark with variations of cool, warm, and neutral to each color. The images of the employee models were then used in the online application as part of guiding the customer on how to choose their proper foundation color and underlying tone.

Working with “real people” is a great joy to me and how I originally honed my skills as a portrait photographer. At the heart of photographing people is one’s ability to connect with and make another person feel relaxed and comfortable around you. I love nothing more than helping someone feel comfortable in their own skin and giving them a portrait they feel good about.

On the third and final day of our shoot, we shot a group of beauty influencers, each with a distinctly different skin tone, for the hero campaign shots. I also managed to squeeze in a fun gif that was then used on Instagram for the launch of the Total Control foundation line.

You can test out The Foundation Finder application and see more of the work we created with both the influencers and the employee models on the NYX site.