Chrissy Metz

Chrissy Metz

Chrissy Metz has shattered so many stereotypes with respects to the “ideal” female body type. Our goal with this shoot was to capture her beauty in a glamorous setting with a strong attitude and the support of other women.

We were inspired by beauty pageant culture and it’s competitive nature and the juxtaposition of that with the body positivity movement and the celebration of all types of people. In order to create an authentic beauty pageant vibe, I worked closely with stylist Jordan Grossman to pull the looks and props we needed and also to create the custom sash that reads “This is Me.”

To support the idea of “women supporting women,” we hired models from Photogenics LA to play the part of her fellow pageant contestants. Instead of acting competitively, the models rallied around Chrissy, the pageant winner, in support of her win.

On the day of the shoot Chrissy oozed confidence and was, in all respects, a dream subject, collaborator, and a true beauty queen. She perfectly portrayed the gamut of emotions we asked for; from shock to overjoyed to powerful. It is thanks to our fantastic subject and team that this remains one of my favorite photo shoots I have ever done.

This shoot went on to win PDN’s “Faces” contest as well a nomination from the Los Angeles Press Club.