BuzzFeed at Comic-Con

BuzzFeed at Comic-Con

I’m not sure a festival photo booth has ever been as much pure unadulterated fun as Comic Con with Buzzfeed was. While everyone was there ostensibly for work, something about Comic Con’s vibe relaxes both festival staff and talent and puts everyone in a great mood. Buzzfeed’s entertainment team really knew how to maximize that potential.

Casts of different television shows and films were scheduled in twenty minute time slots. Each new cast arrival was a new challenge: get a group photo, have each cast member do a laser portrait single, and then allow the Buzzfeed reporters some time to interview them. While a set up like this might exhaust some people, I find scenarios such as this exhilarating and feed off the energy.

Our overall theme was 90s pop culture inspired. Our group set was designed by Adi Goodrich and featured a variety of seating options that we could move around based on the group we had. I pulled inspiration from 90s girl and boy group images, 90s supermodel ad campaigns, and 90s sitcom key art to inspire my posing. I had to think on my toes with regards to posing but most talent seemed to really identify with the theme and did not hesitate to give me full boy-band fierceness.

Our singles set was inspired by laser school portraits. The Buzzfeed staff and I pulled our own laser school portraits as samples that we posted on a wall next to the photo booth. (See little 4th grade Corina in her western-wear inspired outfit at left). I then instructed the talent to do one shot looking forward and one shot looking off into the distance that we later edited into the shot in post. The level of goofiness was left entirely up to each subject.

It is Buzzfeed’s preference that their images are presented authentically and without alterations. We made an exception for the ghosting of the laser portraits, but all else is otherwise presented without retouching!

The entire five days we were in San Diego were a lot of work, but also some of the most enjoyable days I’ve spent on set. I have always liked the phrase “work hard, play hard,” and this experience truly embodied that phrase. We were all hard workers and team players, but also made a point to have a great time while doing it.

Most recently this shoot was nominated by the Society of Publication Designers for the Member’s Choice Award 2018.