Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Society

If I could, I would adopt all of the homeless animals. However, in the interest of preserving my marriage, I have thus far abstained. While I wait for the day I can open an animal sanctuary, I help in any way I can.

A few years ago I saw a post on Instagram: Best Friends Animal Society was looking for photographers and videographers to collaborate with for new content. I responded and thus began a magical and fulfilling creative relationship.

Purrfection was my first PSA that I wrote, produced, and directed for Best Friends. Somewhere in the depths of my cat-obsessed brain I pulled out this idea to make a cat perfume commercial for April Fools Day. I figured why not apply the aspirational fashion visual aesthetic to adorable kittens, it makes about as much scents (ha) as most perfume advertising. I put together a kitten-loving crew that included camera crew, set designers, a florist, a product designer, voice talent and a composer. It was probably the most joyous set I have ever been on. And our talent was rewarded with many treats.

Ice cream truck

Our newest PSA, My Kind of Commitment, brings awareness to animal fostering by taking a humorous approach to short term animal fostering. We paired young singles with foster animals for a scripted interaction about love and commitment.